Care your needs Every moment
We have been developing various kinds of cheeks in addition to the traditional pressed powder type.
TYPE: powder, liquid, pressed powder, stick.
Brow Pencils, Eyeliner Pencils
We offer basic types of pencils and auto slide type of pencils.
We can make both ends of those pencils available for your convenience: one end for eyeliner, and the other for eye-brow.
You can have two colors for two ends.
TYPE: basic type pencil, auto slide pencil, two-end type pencil.
Nail Colors
All girls want to have charming and decent fingers.
It is fun to put different nail colors on fingers to match nail tattoos, nail stickers or nail stones.
All of the items could be provided per customer request.
TYPE: nail colors, nail design pen, nail sticker, nail stone, nail color remover.
Body Cosmetics
The body perfume powder gives the fragrant impression for your personality.
With the sweat stopping prescription, the anti-sweat powder brings you a refreshing summer.
The handy puff allows you to carry with and use it in a party or other occasions.
You will be the shining star.