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Industrial Safety Products
Ear MUFF safety hearing protection
* Safety Ear Muff
* Standard approved
* Comfortable cover
* For Noise Place Use To Protect Your Hearing
Full Body Harness
The full body safety harness is an important component of personal fall arrest systems – keeping workers suspended upright in the event of a fall, and supporting them while they await rescue. In the event of a fall, full body safety harness distribute fall forces throughout the body, substantially reducing chances of injury.
Mitsubo's Safety Products offers a wide variety of harnesses to meet the needs of workers in different industries. All harnesses for fall arrest or fall restraint systems are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities.
Disposable Dust Mask with and without valve: DS1, DS2
Disposable Dust Mask with and without valve: EN149:2001 FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 (CE certificated)
Disposable Dust Mask with and without valve: P1, P2, P3 (QAS certificated)
Disposable Respirator with and without valve: N95, N99 (NIOSH approved)
4-ply Anti-Bacteria flat type Mask
4-ply Active Carbon flat type Mask
3-ply flat type Mask
Disposable Dust Mask w/aluminium Nose Clip
Soft Dust Mask
Soft Dust Mask with 2pcs. Active Carbon Filter